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Seacoast Performance Academy (SPA) is located in a beautiful community in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire.  The Busche Academy campus provides access to clean and affordable housing,  dining, and campus student life. There is always something to do outside of academic study or athletic training. Student-athletes often make lifelong and lasting relationships with peers while attending Seacoast Performance Academy while enjoying the Seacoast community and all it has to offer.

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The Busche Academy campus provides Room & Board for all SPA student-athletes living on campus throughout the season. The Busche campus contains two dorm buildings. The main dorm building consists of a 2-story, 116-bed dorm building, including several dorm parent apartment buildings, full security systems. The campus also has a state of the art full cafeteria that provides an athlete focused full-service meal program for all student-athletes.


Students living on campus will have access to the main dining hall for 3 meals each day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). While on campus at the facility in Exeter, NH, the daily lunch will be served there.

The Busche Academy Chef (Ralph Notenboom),  is an Award winning European trained chef with a strong background in managing Culinary and F&B departments. Ralph has 20+ years of experience providing enriching meals for adolescent nutritional development.

(CHEF BIO) Ralph is originally from The Netherlands and was born into a restaurant family. He graduated in 1986 at the top of his class from the VBH School of Culinary arts in Rotterdam, The Netherlands receiving an associate degree in Hospitality.  Directly following school, he pursued classical cooking techniques from opportunities that permitted him the ability to expand and experiment with his vision and craft.

Seacoast Performance Kitchen

Travel & Transportation

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SPA students living on campus will be transported to the Rinks at Exeter each morning and afternoon by the SPA dorm parents and coaches living on campus with the players using the SPA vans.

Dorm parents also frequently take the student-athletes on field trips (off days/weekends) and essential shopping (as needed).

Community Service

Students attending SPA participate in several community service efforts throughout each semester.

The ability for students to get out of the classroom and training facility and help charitable organizations in the Seacoast is not only good for the soul but also an enriching experience for the student-athletes.

Examples of recent community service efforts:
- Food Pantry Volunteers
- New Hampshire SPCA Field Work

Health & Safety

SPA and Busche Academy are dedicated to the health and safety of all student-athletes.

Each Dorm has one dorm parent for each fifteen students living on campus. The dorms are in a very safe community in Chester, NH and are equipped with video surveillance, security systems, and 24/7 onsite staff.

All students and parents are required to agree to all campus living expectations and students attend several on campus meetings with staff throughout the semester.

In the event a student is ill or injured the staff of SPA and Busche (in communication with the family back home) take all measures to ensure that the affected students and others are safe and well taken care of.


SPA partners with UNH and uSafeHS to help students strengthen social skills and keep students safer.

uSafeHS offers students safe, practical approaches for dealing with unhealthy behaviors such as cyberbullying or hazing, and provides tools to help them leave uncomfortable or risky situations. uSafeHS also makes it simpler for students to find help and guidance at school and beyond. It provides an engaging way for high schools students to learn the foundations of healthy relationships.



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