TPH is pleased to announce new hire Craig Roderick as Head of Academics at Seacoast Performance Academy (SPA) in Exeter, New Hampshire. Roderick will build upon a solid academic foundation and brings a combination of over two decades of knowledge in athletics, business administration, leadership, and education.

As part of “powering up” Seacoast Performance Academy, TPH will provide operational, hockey, and academic support to Roderick and staff at the SPA and assist in further maximizing the impact made on the individuals and teams who attend the program on the east coast.

“We are very excited to welcome Craig as our new Head of Academics at the Seacoast Performance Academy,” TPH Chief Academic Officer Bill Simms said. “His background speaks volumes in both the athletic and academic world. He will be able to provide exceptional support while building upon character and performance skills for our student-athletes.

Before TPH, Roderick spent time as a director, instructor, and learning coach for US Performance Academy, which is the identical rink for SPA. There he was responsible for eighty-nine student-athletes, families, academic calendars, daily operations, and developing a successful inaugural year that culminated in a one-hundred percent course completion rate making him quite familiar with the academy and in an academic leadership role.

“I have always been drawn to competitive environments where like-minded people are in perpetual motion to discover and challenge themselves along a lifelong trajectory of learning. This, and my philosophy of individual mentorship for young learners while being truly present in a supportive manner daily, melds with TPH’s model in providing industry leading individualized academic support for highly driven athletes,” noted Roderick. Combined with Seacoast Performance Academy’s vision of developing great hockey players and great citizens, I am ecstatic to lead a community building “bricks and mortar” experience within a hybrid, asynchronous academic structure.”

As part of this continued partnership, TPH will identify SPA’s academic staff and assist in all educational aspects, while adding their completely individualized, customized, NCAA-accredited learning experience, delivered by its academic partner Edmentum to the classroom in Exeter. This hybrid learning style will allow all core coursework to be tailored to student-athletes who seek a blended learning environment and study at SPA. There Roderick will assist in providing a one-of-a-kind learning platform that offers online learning experiences to student-athletes, with focused instructors and on-site academic leadership.